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By Eating More Often I Might Manage My Weight Easier?

On the surface, a statement like that might seem wrong. Isn’t eating at the root of weight gain, obesity and all its complications?

Absolutely positively! This is especially true when we consume far more calories in one sitting then we need.

But a little known fact is that when we regularly eat infrequently, we can become much more efficient at storing fat rather than burning it.

So, what does this have to do with excess weight as well as managing peripheral neuropathy?

The bottom line is that eating healthy foods more often can stimulate our metabolism, foster alertness, energy and help us more efficiently burn vs. store fat.

Eating small amounts more often will also help keep us warmer especially in colder weather.

Don't get me wrong. There is benefit especially for those who are not Insulin dependent diabetic or on diabetic medications to have periods (12-16 hrs.)

of intermittent fasting.

However, when we go extensive periods regularly without eating, we actually may slow down rather than stimulate our metabolism.

But this does not mean we can eat anything we want. What we do know is that consuming relatively low amounts of carbohydrates along with periodic healthy snacks, we become metabolically much more efficient.

Again, this points out the need for collaborating with well-trained physicians to truly help manage pain, peripheral neuropathy, and indeed your health in general.

For much more information on healthier living as well as these correlations with neuropathy management read our earlier article HERE

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