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Habits and Routines: Powerful Weapons

It is a well-known fact that our daily habits contribute more to our long-term wellbeing than any other single activity.

Of course, this includes things like exercise, drinking soda, tobacco usage, drug usage etc.

It also includes our mental activity. We have a choice to regularly have active mental stimulation such as reading, meditation and prayer versus passive activities such as long periods of playing on our phones and social media!

Unfortunately, most of us never take a hard look at our daily activities, and the impact they’re having upon our health, life satisfaction and finances.

Now when we’re younger, these are easy to ignore. But throw in advancing age, and some health challenges and it becomes a different ball game!

With chronic pain especially sticking to good daily health habits becomes much more difficult task.

Nonetheless what I can tell you after taking care of many thousands of patients and even physicians over time are that those who have the best routines and habits fair far better.

Scheduling and timing of daily things such as meals, light activity, heavier exercise, study, as well as down-time, supplements, especially our own self-care goes along way.

The upshot here?

Make a DAILY schedule for yourself, adjust it when something isn’t working then stick to it!

Need help with this? Schedule some private coaching time with us so we can develop your best routines together!

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