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Help Your Body Dexotify Naturally

Be Honest With Yourself

Most people are very particular about weight loss and exercise programs, especially after the new year. Today we're going to discuss some regimens that will help you detoxify naturally from some of the less-than-healthy choices you may have made in the previous year.

Sadly, most New Year's resolutions and intentions made shortly after the holidays usually fizzle out by the middle of February. That is just reality. It is human behavior.

Also, if you have neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain, you need to be conscious of what you consume. In particular, don't put yourself at risk by taking dietary shakes or pills of compounds that contain multiple combinations of herbs. The reason is that the interaction of all these on your body is not well known. Some are downright toxic. I have seen a 20-something-year-old patient develop peripheral neuropathy after consuming a "diet shake" for a week. Impossible? No.

More and more younger patients are showing up in emergency rooms after consuming energy and diet drinks. That is also one of the reasons you will not find any herbal preparation in the supplements or topical preparations we suggest and use in our clinics. It is a good idea to warn our children of the dangers of some diets and energy drinks.

For most patients, following our NeuropathyDR diet, carbohydrate control, physical activity, and exercise wherever possible can make an enormous difference in weight control and, yes, even weight loss after the holidays. But if you have diligently tried our proposal but still have difficulty with your weight, there may be some hormonal factors at work. These need to be identified and worked out with your physicians.

Our Team Is Here To Help

With the right help, neuropathy can often be effectively treated. Our team of experienced Doctors and Physical Therapists will help you live a much better life. Why not find out if our cutting-edge research and ground-breaking treatment protocols could put you on the right path. For personalized help, just start HERE.

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