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Laser & Infrared Therapy

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Sun, or natural light has been used for centuries to help heal illnesses and diseases. It is a well-known fact that Sun exposure is what helps our bodies activate vitamin D.

We know with great certainty now that Vitamin D is involved in many diseases and illnesses. We also know that some diseases are much more common in patients who live in parts of the world with less natural light exposure.

Now, all you have to do is search the Internet and you will find no shortage of devices that are reported to emit light and are said to be “good for pain and neuropathy”.

So, what if anything does light therapy have to do with excellence in health care?

For starters, keeping our body tissues warm almost always speeds healing, the exception of course being acute injury.

Now, this could be as simple as layering clothing, warm foot soaks, or better yet a warm Epsom salts bath, still an underused but old fashioned home remedy for aches and pains.

It could also be lounging in the Sun on the warm sands with a good book on your favorite beach!

In our offices however, more and more we are making great use of Laser (know known as PBP or Photo-Bio-Modulation). These wavelengths of light professionally targeted at deep body tissues and administered can provide phenomenal, well researched results for a wide range of health issues. Laser administered by physicians can be one of the safest therapies to use shortly after surgeries and in patients with metallic implants and joint replacements. Some other light therapies like PILT (also used in our offices) which stands for pulsed infrared light therapy, may be helpful, especially in neuropathy.

If you are using any at home or unsupervised heat or and light therapy, be VERY careful, as nerves that are damaged will not perceive heat, and this could lead to burns or tissue damage!

In our practices, we often will outfit and provide patients with PILT and Laser home care systems which compliment and prolong benefits from our in-office therapy. We NEVER advise doing any of these at home without direct supervision.

Want to learn more? Then we urge you to consider an evaluation and see if this tremendous therapy could help you too.

WATCH this phenomenal video of my friend and one of the worlds most prominent PBM researchers presenting the science on this before Congress.

*We ONLY use THOR Systems in our offices as we have for many years.

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