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The Chronic Pain, Neuropathy and Blood Sugar Connection

Elevated blood sugar is one of the most devastating consequences of Metabolic Syndrome& Diabetes. Even "borderline" elevations of blood sugar especially over long periods of time like occurs in obesity can cause considerable problems, not the least of which is peripheral neuropathy. What a lot of people don't realize is that borderline blood sugar elevations (AKA metabolic syndrome or Pre-Diabetes over a longer time cause them to feel really lousy, stiff, sore, and achy. Yes, this may even contribute to a lot of the symptoms that people ordinarily attribute to things like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Why is this? This is due to a process that occurs in our bodies called glycosylation. What might you ask is glycosylation?

This is simply what happens when elevated blood sugars are allowed to persist and free sugar (glucose) molecules attach themselves to protein structures. Proteins make up large components of our skin, muscles, and yes even the lining of our joints. As you can see, elevated blood sugars over time can affect almost our entire bodies! Your nerves are no exception. But what is the root cause of this elevation in blood sugar?

Well there are several components, some genetic, but so many are lifestyle related primarily due to poor diet and infrequent or lack of adequate exercise.

That's what we'll talk about next time in part two of this article. Meanwhile there is lot's of information in our library on this site!

So be sure to read very carefully and post your comments and questions right here!

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