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The Healing Power of Laser in Neuropathy Treatment

Much has been written about the use of lasers in medicine. You probably know that lasers are everywhere. Everything from supermarket checkout, to barcode readers, to common devices we employ in our homes and automobiles every day.

You may also be familiar with lasers that are used in surgery. These lasers in particular are used as surgical tools, and now are commonplace.

You probably are also familiar with laser in the science-fiction realm. Lasers have been around now for over 50 years. You have probably seen footage of both fictional and real lasers used for destructive purposes. However much lower levels of focused light beams such as in laser therapy can have profound healing mechanisms.

I think it was first Star Trek back in the 60s where laser and light therapy was insinuated as a healing mechanism.

The reality is we have come such a long way with LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) that these devices are much more commonplace, and research on their effectiveness is growing at an exponential rate.

But what does this have to do with good neuropathy treatment. The fact matter is recent studies have indicated that properly applied laser therapy can measurably improve nerve function in some cases of peripheral neuropathy.

In our clinics, we use laser for two reasons. Number one to stimulate the healing process and number two to reduce the pain of things like spinal stenosis, disc degeneration peripheral neuropathy and yes even for chronic pain.

Although the actual explanation is highly technical, the application is simple. A highly focused, painless, beam of light is directed at target tissue at a known power usually for very short intervals. Based upon the wavelength of light, we have a good idea of the targeted tissue effects.

Although not a quick fix, studies are showing significant improvements in as little as 12 treatments in those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and some forms of chronic pain.

But just like all the neuropathy treatment devices are not the same nor are all lasers.

For more information, contact us for the systems we have found best applied in these situations.

Just private message in on the chat box here and we’ll do all we can to help you!

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