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 NeuropathyDR® And Your Practice...

As the incidence of peripheral neuropathy and related disorders now afflicts so many patients worldwide, patients are aggressively seeking trained physicians and physical therapists who can provide not only specialty clinical care, but home care systems solutions proven to greatly improve their quality of daily life.

NeuropathyDR® is the company dedicated to science and results based treatment for those who suffer neuropathy and their underlying issues. Our training and licensing are designed to help you be the very best you can be while filling a void so many patients need. Indeed it is this emphasis that sets us apart since our inception in 2008.

Our clinical results were first published in the bestselling book “Beating Neuropathy” and our landmark research study was published in 2020 in EC Neurology. Our work on providing real help to neuropathy and chronic pain patients continues. 

We also host the largest on-line neuropathy related social-media and patient network in existence.


NeuropathyDR® is not an “automated” handoff of patient care. It is not a practice building “scheme” using outdated technology and pseudoscience. 

We are about  helping you create an exceptional practice environment with patients seeking care they can not receive elsewhere. This is why only exceptional physicians and physical therapists are allowed to license our treatment centers. 

You can build a thriving specialty inside your practice, or simply provide our research based tools and systems. Our most successful clients do both.


We’ll first walk you through our unique applications, physiology and beginning your patient treatment programs. Next, we’ll help you set up your office properly, train your staff and expand correctly, ultimately building the practice size that suits your needs.

You'll be licensed to use and distribute NDGen
equipment and research based treatment systems. This avoids the hassle and potential unscrupulous claims behavior of third parties which have caused authorities to issue warnings to patients.

You'll be licensing a NeuropathyDR Treatment Center right inside your practice. Your entire team will have 24/7 access to web based training as well as opportunities for group and personalized consulting, training conferences and workshops...all for just $197/month or less

We’ll continue to support your practice team members and promote your licensed center development with extensive on and offline support PLUS the best available pricing on supplies and equipment.

NeuropathyDR Licensing, unlike simply purchasing someone else’s components comes complete with everything you need to begin your patient care and expand your specialty practice.

Our clinicians regularly report exceptional patient results including better sleep, pain control with fewer meds and side effects, all the while changing lifestyles and behaviors for long-term results and maximum patient independence.

Done For you…

We will assist your team and help your patients through a special securely hosted membership site (free to your patients) loaded with training videos and essential documents to further help each patient with treatment devices, continued education, lifestyle training & follow-up. 

To Apply without obligation  CLICK HERE

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