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Thiamine AKA Vitamin B1, Mood & Neuropathy

Thiamine is a nutrient most physicians are familiar with because it gets depleted in alcohol abuse therefore is frequently administered in emergency room. Thiamine in low levels or actual deficiency is frequently associated with some peripheral neuropathy. Thiamine deficiency is also seen in a dangerous brain condition seen in alcoholism known as Wernickes encephalopathy.

Much more common however are low levels of thiamine either due to poor diet or significantly high amounts of carbohydrate as in the typical American diet.

However most physicians and people are not aware of the other potential values of thiamine not only the diet but also in supplementation that can provide significant benefits to mood, mental health, and also energy production in the body especially in today's diet which tends to be very high in carbohydrates.

*How much in which form to use are entirely patient dependent so we caution you not to do this on your own. This is one area where some professional guidance can really make a huge difference. Watch this video, learn a lot more , post your questions and comments below and let us know how we can help you the most and thanks for watching! Dr John Hayes Jr, #chiropractor and #nutritionist in #Marshfield MA discusses the role of Thiamine AKA Vitamin B1 in health and neuropathy. But which forms are safe? How do you know if you should supplement? To learn much more or schedule an appointment with Dr John Hayes Jr Go To

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