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Manual Therapy & Chronic Pain: Does It Work?

Research on the cost-effectiveness of manual therapy by itself for chronic pain is limited and inconclusive. Some studies suggest that manual therapy can lead to reduced health care costs by decreasing the need for other interventions, such as medication use, injections, or even surgeries.

By providing pain relief and improving physical function, manual therapy may help avoid more expensive or invasive treatments. This potential in cost reduction may be particularly relevant in conditions like low back pain, where manual therapy is commonly used.

Practically though manual therapy is not often added as an intervention early enough especially in back pain, as well as many other musculoskeletal disorders which may actually lead to the development of chronic and much more difficult to control scenarios. Too often, early simplistic applications of manual therapy tend to be bypassed by limited self treatment, or over usage of pain medications, both over the counter and prescription.

With regard to manual therapy versus spinal manipulation and chronic back pain, it is well known that for many patients, long term supportive care using spinal manipulation at an interval of approximately three weeks leads to a marked reduction in chronic pain, far less visits to emergency care for back pain and less expensive repeat medical interventions such as MRI 's cat scan et cetera.

This is the biggest reason that in our practice when we treat patients with acute and chronic pain, manual therapy is always utilized as a first line approach because so often it can save months to years of agony and lead to far better clinical results. ~ We Are Here for You

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