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My Direct Primary Care Practice

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is healthcare that focuses on a direct relationship between the patient and the primary care physician, without involvement from insurance companies. Since we have received so many inquiries recently, here are some patient advantages of Direct Primary Care in my practice specifically:

1. Affordability:

- DPC in our practice is a monthly or annual fee, eliminating the need for copays and reducing out-of-pocket expenses for routine visits. This can make healthcare much more affordable for so many patients.

My Direct Primary Care Practice
My Direct Primary Care Practice

2. Accessibility:

- You have enhanced access to me as your primary care physician. Longer appointment times and the ability to communicate easily with me personally through electronic means (email, text, or video calls) contribute to vastly improved accessibility.

3. Preventive Care:

- We have for many years emphasized preventive care and wellness, as opposed to a fee-for-service traditional healthcare model that may prioritize treating illnesses. Regular check-ups and proactive health management can lead enormous health benefits and peace of mind you just will not find elsewhere.

4. Personalized Care:

- With a smaller patient load, I can spend more time with you, getting to know much more personally, your medical history, lifestyle, and most especially your care preferences. This allows for more personalized and much more comprehensive care if you choose.

5. Focus on Patient Education:

- I prioritize patient education, helping you really understand care plans, treatment options, and lifestyle factors that contribute to and promote your overall well-being.

6. Reduced Administrative Burden:

- I have a much lower administrative overhead, and don't deal at all with the complexities of insurance billing. This allows me to spend so much more time on your care rather than administrative tasks.

7. Coordination of Care:

- I can play an active role in coordinating your overall healthcare. I work closely with specialists and to ensure continuity of care with those who respect and advocate a much healthier holistic approach to health.

8. Extended Appointment Times:

- Longer appointment times allow for a more thorough examination and discussion of health concerns. Patients are much more satisfied with their healthcare experience when they don't feel rushed during appointments.

9. No Insurance Hassles:

- You never have to navigate the complexities of insurance claims, approvals, and denials. This can reduce stress and frustration tremendously that is endlessly associated with the traditional healthcare system.

10. Focus on Quality of Care:

- In my practice, I prioritize quality of your care over quantity of patients. There are no third party mandates on my time, how many patients I need to see, and so much more.

11. Enormous Range of Services:

- I offer my patients a far broader range of services than any other primary care practice including nutrition, weight loss, spinal manipulation and expanded optional pain management now for so many conditions as well as neuropathy care plans. These services can give you more convenient and often far less invasive or risky options for receiving care for health issues which now plague so many. 12. Every Patient Gets Concierge Care Without The Concierge Price Tag: My patient panel size is very limited and I personally choose who is best suited to join our practice. The typical insurance based PCP cares for 2500 or more patients. You read that right. ~ Thanks for reading this and all your kind social media comments, texts and emails! If you are not yet a patient and are interested in getting started while openings exist, just follow the enrollment instructions completely HERE ~ Still not sure this style care is right for you? Then lets talk. Call me 781-659-7989

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