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Why NeuropathyDR®

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In 2008 the number of patients presenting with worsening peripheral neuropathy increased dramatically in our private practice. At that time, there was very little that could be done for neuropathy patients that was indeed constructive and helpful.

We tried one medical device after another, worked with multiple physicians, medication trials you name it and nothing worked.

This forced us to dive into research mode, and after months of research we developed our initial research based treatment protocol.

Using this treatment protocol we trialed already manufactured treatment devices for peripheral neuropathy and found out that not only the devices but also many manufacturers unsuitable for long term relationships or patient care, very difficult to work with, and often extremely expensive. We found the same issue with Clinical Nutrition, dietary supplementations and pharmacists.

We continued our research clinically and device trials which led to the development and manufacture of the NDGen® which has revolutionized care for peripheral neuropathy patients. This is now used worldwide.

In my previous career as a chiropractic orthopedist and clinical nutritionist, I discovered that my neuropathy and chronic pain patients needed so much more than the care and systems they were being offered.

2008 was also the year that I predicted that neuropathy patients would be targeted by unscrupulous manufacturers and clinicians alike claiming to have "miraculous cures" for neuropathy. Clinicians are now being sold and told they can automate the treatment to their patients simply by providing them with devices and very little high level clinician expertise or even medical involvement. My biggest concern with these clinicians and manufacturers was and still remains neuropathy is not one-size-fits-all disorder, and can actually be caused by and related to many different medical conditions in life situations. Therefore, self treatment or, being treated by clinicians with far less than adequate training and or clinical experience can be downright dangerous. ~

Because of my extensive clinical and academic involvement with neuropathy treatment options and some very very sick patients including multiple physician contacts, questions, referrals and burgeoning physician relationships , in 2013 I returned to formal education in my 50s, completing medical school in 2017. In 2020 just at the start of medical residency training, our landmark research study was published in the journal EC neurology.

I completed medical residency in 2023 and NeuropathyDR is again running full speed ahead. We are now recruiting and training physicians and physical therapists from around the world to bring our clinical results to as many patients as humanly possible. We also sponsor Physician and PT Board certification which involves demonstration of clinical skills in both written in practical examinations is part of this board certification unlike many others out there who are touting board "certifications" with almost no training whatsoever and certainly zero demonstration of actual clinical competency.

This is our story. If you are a physician or physical therapist, I urge you to apply for training and licensure of a treatment center. If you are a patient , continue to contact us as you always have via e-mail and chat . You're also encouraged to continue to work with our current licensed treatment centers.

Remember our team is here to help you. Just reach out. You'll find lots of information here as well as on my private practice site. Take good care, and remember, stay in touch preferably by e-mail Thanks for listening to my story!

John Hayes Jr. MS, DC, MD

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