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Your Personal Primary Care Physician for $6.57 per Day?

In fact yes. That's it! In this day and age we spend way more than this daily on coffee, snacks, etc. $6.57 is the average spend even at the highest level of membership in our direct primary care practice. In our practice, direct care also includes maintenance spinal manual therapy, lifestyle medicine, weight loss, dietary and nutrition counseling and much more at no additional charge which alone can save you an absolute fortune. Plus you see a physician each and every visit. Not an NP or PA.

Like so many things in life, health care is one of the things we all need to take a look at and seriously consider now, more than eve. Unfortunately, the current mainstream system is not delivering the depth and the type of care that so many patients need. ~

I became a direct care physician so I could help change this. On one of my prior videos, I posted how the average monthly out of pocket spending for health conscious patients far exceeds the cost of monthly membership in our practice, even at the highest level. In our private practice, which has (limited patient openings) our patients receive up to two extensive, 3 intermediate, or 4 brief visits per month plus urgent care. You may use these for routine care, weight loss, nutrition counselling, maintenance spinal & manual therapy. If you need additional or elective services, these are also discounted. Members also receive 10% off supplies and supplements and no shipping charges! (Laser, Neuropathy and Orthopedic/Skeletal Pain Care Plans are separate, also discounted). We do not accept or process any insurance, federal or state plans. We're in the process of bringing additional benefits to our members as well. Your employer, or perhaps even your HSA may provide full or partial coverage for your monthly membership. Here are our current age based monthly membership rates: There is an initial Physical Exam/Enrollment fee equal to your monthly membership rates.

0-24 $97/mo 25-44 $127/mo 45+ $197/mo *10% discounts for annual pre-pay. Group/Employer plans are available. Family Plans have a variable maximum monthly rate.

Enough about us. How about you? If you are ready to enroll while I still have openings, just go HERE and follow the instructions. Once completed, we'll be in touch to schedule your appointment as slots are available. Shoot me a text or a phone call Monday through Thursday 7AM-6PM to 781-659-7989 Please e-mail me after hours and Friday through Sunday to

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