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Arachnoiditis Treatment Options

Updated: May 1, 2023

Arachnoiditis Treatment

Last time we spent some considerable time together overviewing what Arachnoiditis is, and what it's possible and even most likely causes are. We also spoke about how it's very much a growing problem.

Awareness of arachnoiditis treatment is another. This is one condition in which there is no single good treatment, there is no pill that you could take which would make this problem go away. Unfortunately, it's much more complicated.

However, these are also the types of problems that good clinicians who are experienced with the treatment approaches that we teach and advocate will tackle and work diligently with! Meanwhile we are using options of care which potentially hold the most promise. This includes laser and applications of neurostim applied with oral and topical (skin creme) nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds.

This does follow exactly the same pathway that Neuropathy treatment was in many years ago. Now, with the combination of the NDGen, various laser and light therapies and good physical therapy procedures some patients are able to get patients better results than ever before.

Admittedly, the applications of these similar procedures for arachnoiditis patients is in its infancy. We feel strongly however that there is good potential for better life quality and pain reduction without more drugs, injections or invasive procedures. Time of course coupled with good studies will tell.

But here's what you can do now. Talk to one of our clinicians who has experience in our systems and also works with us personally. This of course only would be one of our NeuropathyDR Licensed Clinicians.

More and more treatment systems are now available for home care with professional guidance and help than ever before. Consider adding a Personal Coaching Membership to any equipment purchases we can help guide you through.

Every patient is different so some will not be candidates for care.

But by working together we can see if these options may be good for you and unfortunately a growing family of patients.

So welcome to the NeuropathyDR Family! Understand we will do our very best for you too!

If you are serious about real help, consider a Virtual Visit first to explore which options may be best for you.

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