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Can Over-The-Counter Dietary Supplements be Dangerous?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Can over-the-counter dietary supplements be dangerous? The answer is positively yes! Two examples as a Primary Care Physician in Marshfield I want to give you: Number one is taking vitamin D supplementation without having your blood levels checked periodically by a physician. Number two is the other dietary supplement, the one that comes to mind because we see so much nerve pain and neuropathy is pyridoxine or Vitamin B6. B6 actually causes peripheral neuropathy in high enough dosages. The last last thing really important to understand is that even though supplements may be "natural" they may contain certain herbs certain formulas and so on and they're "supposed" to do this and that, cure this and that. The issue is twofold: Number one, in lots of these we have no idea how much of the active ingredient is actually in there and number two is we have no idea what the interactions of all these substances can be inside the human body especially when taken together. I implore you be careful, be cautious. I have a lot of background in clinical nutrition spanning many years. I have master's degree in human nutrition and am Lifestyle Medicine Residency trained with many many years practicing with patients. If you need help ask for it!!! The last thing I'll get to is money. I have patients literally spending hundreds of dollars a month - it's not necessary. We can save you a lot of time money and aggravation just by seeking professional help. Just let us know!

Can over-the-counter dietary supplements be dangerous?
Can over-the-counter dietary supplements be dangerous?


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