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Chronic Pain, Neuropathy And The Blood Sugar Connection Part II

Today, we'll continue to talk about Chronic Pain, Neuropathy And The Blood Sugar Connection

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes are two diseases that are becoming much more common.

Although there are genetic contributions, most of the time metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes develop because of a declining level of physical fitness and carrying around too much body fat. Our so-called modern high-fat and high sugar diets are a big contribution. Most adults need only 2000 calories or so per day yet some people consume as much as 6000 calories or more per day for years on end. Diabetes and it's precursor called the metabolic syndrome, are two diseases that in the most simplistic terms usually as the result of consuming too many calories and lack of physical activity and exercise. One of the most devastating things that tends to happen as a direct result of metabolic syndrome and in a large number of patients who suffer from diabetes is chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy. Most often this does not happen overnight. It takes many years for these to develop and by that time, considerable damage often has been done.

This is why it is so important to control your calorie intake and maintain the highest level of physical activity you can at any age!

Once the damage from elevated blood sugar is done, simply getting sugars under control is not enough! This is a myth that both physicians and patients alike don't fully understand. Many patients are left with not only peripheral neuropathy but underlying heart disease that sometimes doesn't show up until a heart attack or stroke. There are good studies that show 75% of time just getting sugars back under control both with medications and dietary changes is not enough to reverse or even significantly improve peripheral neuropathy when due to diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

Remember, you could be left with significant pain and disability if your focus is only treating the elevated blood sugar! This is where a comprehensive work up including laboratory studies and then personally developed treatment plan employing the modalities and treatment methods our research study has proven to be the most helpful may help you substantially!

Remember, we are here to help.

We will do everything in our power to help you back to health, but YOU must reach out and grab it!

Otherwise you run the risk of suffering miserably for the rest of your life. Harsh words? Yes. But it is the truth. Our team is ready when you are either via Televisits or in person clinic care!

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