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Are Dairy Products Really Healthy?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

In one of our recent articles, we spent some time talking about dairy consumption, and its negative effects on human health.

Fifty percent or more of the population has difficulty digesting cow’s milk. It is responsible for allergies, indigestion, as well as elevation in Blood fats or lipids.

Human beings are far better without dairy consumption than with it. So much of the scientific evidence supports this.

What you may not be aware of is there is a long-ago reported link between dairy consumption and the development of type I (insulin dependent) diabetes (1). You’ll find a more recent study HERE.

Many patients with type I diabetes can and do develop severe neuropathy as well as heart disease, kidney disease and other potentially devastating illnesses.

HERE is another great study on this very associatio

In practice, we so often find that patients who avoid dairy, refined foods and meat very often report significant reductions in both pain and inflammation.

Quite simply, in all research studies, there is a strong association between diets high in fruits and vegetables, low in refined, processed, and fatty foods with far less disease.

So, let's get back to cow’s milk. The simplest way to make a dietary shift away from cows’ milk, is to do so gradually.

Give yourself time to explore alternatives such as organic soy, our favorite due to protein content and consistency most like whole milk, almond, coconut, and rice-based products.

Be careful of any "plant based or vegan" product with added sugars and additives! Many patients find thickeners often used in some of these products to be very irritating to the G.I. tract.

Remain diligent to other dietary assaults. We urge you to seriously avoid processed and fatty foods as much as possible. Be incredibly careful eating out and pay attention to exactly what you consume most of the time.

Our diets have a tremendous impact upon our health, wellbeing and yes even pain. Most people who make the transition away from dairy products, meats and processed foods in general feel much better have far much energy and less illness.

Need help? Then schedule a Nutrition Evaluation with us so we can develop the personalized health plan that is best for you!

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