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"Dr Hayes can I get virtual visits as part of my care with you?" Yes you can! We do virtual visits AKA #telehealth all across the state of Massachusetts.

The easiest way to enroll in our practice either for virtual or in-person visits is simply go to our private practice page so that's and there you'll see the form to enter some basic information that then takes you to the chart and you basically just open your own patient file.

You don't have a mountain of paperwork to do in fact when you come to the office there's little to none and that way we'll get you started ASAP. If you're interested to start with virtual or need to because it's either the time of year or you can't get out of the house, that's really simple to just let us know. So go ahead and enroll first. Once you enroll we'll shoot you a message and get you in the next available appointment! Really great question guys. Thanks for joining our practice. We're so excited to have you with us! Take care, talk soon.

PS You can watch the video HERE:


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