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Patient Satisfaction in Our Direct Primary Care Practice

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership based healthcare model that focuses on a unique relationship between patients and myself as your primary care physician. Patient satisfaction in Direct Primary Care is extraordinary, just ask our patients! Here are several factors that contribute to extraordinary patient satisfaction with Direct Primary Care in our Marshfield Practice. This very same high level of care and transparency is always provided to our neuropathy, laser and pain care patients as well!

1.Access and Availability:

- Patients appreciate the increased access to me as their personal physician. Direct communication through email, phone calls, or even virtual visits enhances not only your satisfaction but so often health outcomes.

2. Longer Appointment Times:

- I offer longer appointment times compared to traditional fee-for-service practices. This allows for more thorough discussions, addressing multiple health concerns, and far better patient understanding, contributing to much higher satisfaction.

3. Personalized and Comprehensive Care:

- I emphasize a more personalized and comprehensive approach to healthcare. Patients often comment about the time and attention given to their individual needs.

4. Reduced Wait Times:

- With a smaller patient panel I can dramatically cut wait times for appointments. This quick access to care can positively improve your health especially when Illness strikes.

5. Transparency in Pricing:

- My patients are aware of all fees upfront. There is never any surprise billing. This alone provides a markedly improved doctor-patient relationship.

6. Focus on Preventive Care:

- I prioritize preventive care, wellness, and health improvement, every single visit. This alone is enormous as the corporate based practices focus on government issued metrics rather than key personalized dietary and lifestyle changes which research shows clearly can not only prevent illness but oftentimes foster recovery much faster than traditional methods of care.

7. Your Involvement in Decision Making:

- It's very simple for me to foster a collaborative relationship with you on the most important medical and lifestyle decision-making we all face as human beings. I have no corporate mandates or metrics to meet. As I tell patients all the time, I only work for you. I will tell you what's best and what my recommendations are. To the best of my ability I'll review risks versus benefits. You as the patient are entitled to make the final decision. This is so crucial when all of society has gone the other way.

8. Continuous Communication:

- Regular communication and follow-ups Through the channel you select if you had text, email, personal conversations etcetera. Oftentimes just knowing you have this access when you need it contributes immensely to your health and our relationship significantly.

9. Quality of Care:

- This one speaks for itself, especially with our comprehensive memberships. These plans offer a very high level of nutrition planning, lifestyle and other key components of health, happiness and your satisfaction with me as your primary care physician.

10. Patient Education:

- Ask and you shall receive. Again totally up to you. Thank you so much for all your messages, questions and concerns. if you'd like to be part of this amazing journey with me as your primary care physician please reach out while we still have openings available.

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